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I am an artist and architect from Rio de Janeiro, based in Berlin. I work with digital collages, experimenting and combining images of watercolors and photographs from my digital palette, to create new spaces that trigger the viewers perception.

We live in an over-saturated digital world, where you have up to three seconds to capture the viewer´s interest before they click away. We are all submerged with a constant flow of images and information, as a consequence, I was hooked by the growing interest in piecing together different images to digitally reboot them and play with the notion of what is real and what is not.

In my series Urban Calligraphy I combine process and experimentation, in a very “architectural” way, to re-build the public space, creating new maps. Mother´s Milk is a more conceptual and emotional work, an attempt to play with the idea of identity, perception versus reality and sensemaking.

Watercolor is the guiding thread of my working process, unpredictable as it is, evolving and unfolding into new forms and meanings.

My Digital Palette

I am fascinated by watercolor, a technique that requires great skill and patience to deal with its unpredictability and fluidity. Wet work has an impressive brightness and lightness, but this glow is too often compromised in the drying process. To offset this loss, I photographs the watercolor production process, to capture the magic luminosity from different angles. This produces a collection of images that are uploaded to a digital palette to make use in my collages.

click here to see my Digital Palette




Sonia grew up in Rio de Janeiro, studied Architecture at the local School of Architecture and Urbanism (Federal University of
Rio de Janeiro) and began her art studies at the Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro. She attended art classes at the
School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage and at private art studios. She is co-founder of the International Art Network Urban Dialogues.


2017 – Art Haben Art Review Special issue

2017 – Art Reveal Magazine 27th issue


2020 - SyArt Sorrento Festival, International meetings of contemporary art, Italy, July 2020

2020 - The Uprock Popup online residency – Excelsior short film collaboration

2020 - The Crown of Corona international exhibition, Artqol.

2018 - Encontro de Rios / Tributaries, Urban Dialogues, Espaço Espelho D'água, Lisbon

2018 - Home - Augusta Savage Gallery, University of Massachusetts Fine Arts Center

2017 - Digitais - Galeria de Arte Meninos de Luz, Rio de Janeiro

2017 – Digitais Group Show by Eixo Art Studio – Florense Niterói, Rio de Janeiro

2016 – Global Village Touring Exhibition,Amsterdam, Landshut, and Brondby Strand

2016 - Eixo Art Collective exhibition –  projections at Estudio Dezenove, Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro

2016 – Entre Obras Exhibition selection – Espaço Cultural Olho da Rua, Rio de Janeiro

2016 – FotoFest Houston, Participating Space, Hannah Bacol Busch Gallery

2016 – Novus Conceptum – Hannah Bacol Busch Gallery, Houston

2013 – O Artista Arquiteto - Centro Cultural Oscar Niemeyer, Goiânia, Brazil

2012 - Mosca Artcon - Centro Cultural do TRT, Rio de Janeiro

2011– Mapas Urbanos – solo exhibition at As Arquitetas Architecture Office - Rio de Janeiro

2011 – Differences and Similarities, Urban Dialogues, Exhibition Center De Bijl, Zoersel, Belgium

2009 – APW Arts, Long Island City, NY

2009 – "The Queen's Sky", LP Projects, Long Island City, NY

2008 – Digital Art for A Healthy Planet, Huan Tie Art Museum, Beijing, China

2008 – Norman Parish Gallery, Washington DC

2006 – Group show Oppidan, about where we live, the urban landscape - Cube Gallery, Ottawa

2004 – Imaginary Maps – solo exhibition at Centro Cultural Banco do Nordeste, Fortaleza, Brazil

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