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I have created Mother´s Milk Dystopia as a tribute to the performing artists. Dancers, actors, musicians and whole orchestras, have been cut away from the stages and audiences that are part of their identity and purpose in life. The Ballerina with the mask is suffocating, as are all of us, as we face the pandemic and the outcomes for the future. What futures do we envision in the midst of so much uncertainty? I guess these feelings perpasses everything and affect our physical and mental wellbeing. Today the population of the world, no matter the age or social group, from different cultures and nationalities, have similar oppressive feelings.

Mother´s Milk is a work about nurturing and identity, a collaboration with the Brazilian photographer Ricardo Bhering and Sonia´s daughter, Livia Gil, a ballerina. It´s a confluence of aesthetic visual languages, that creates a fresh performance space with which to translate personal feelings through unusual compositions. 

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