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Mother´s Milk is a work about nurturing and identity, a collaboration with the Brazilian photographer Ricardo Bhering and Sonia´s daughter, Livia Gil, a ballerina. It´s a confluence of aesthetic visual languages, that creates a fresh performance space with which to translate personal feelings through unusual compositions. 

In this new series, the Ballerina´s image becomes a digital sculpture offering multi-layered images and emotions. She Infiltrates places where she does not belong, while simultaneously becoming both observer and  the observed. This juxtaposition often generates a plurality of perceptions that allows the viewer the luxury of a personal interpretation.

Artist and architect Sonia Gil's work is marked out with a stimulating multidisciplinary feature: her practice rejects any conventional classifications and considers the vital relationship between direct experience and visual interpretation. In her body of works she encapsulated an unconventional sensitiveness, to trigger the viewers' perceptual parameters. One of the most impressive aspects of Gil's work is the way it accomplishes the difficult task of straddling the boundary line between the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional, to draw the viewers through a multilayered journey, to capture the spirit of the contemporary city.

By Dario Rutigliano and Melissa C. Hilborn

Art Habens Art Review Special Edition, see the publication!

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